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How does it work?

First, I should explain the concept of an ongoing class so everyone is clear...
Ongoing classes occur every week at that date and time except for any "blackout" dates that are posted on the website.  It is okay if you miss a week, and if they are cancelled due to weather there will usually be a makeup class available later that week, weather permitting of course.  They are "drop-in" training classes and are held whether 1 person shows up or 6 and the length of class is often extended on that night (1-1/2 hr. vs. 1 hr.) if a larger group is present.   If you are enrolled in an "ongoing" class you have two options to pay.
Option 1:  Weekly enrollment, kind of a pay-as-you-go system.  The fee is $15/class and there is no penalty if you don't come for 3 weeks.
Option 2:  Purchase an "Agile Paws" card for $120.  This card  entitles you to 10-weeks of class.  This card will get you thru July-August-September classes, allowing for 1 blackout date a month.  A minimum of 10 regular classes will be offered July thru September, including potential make-up dates for classes called due to severe weather.   Additionally, all Agile Paws cardholders are also entitled to 1 run at the fun match of their choice.  Fun matches will be offered throughout the summer, generally once a month.

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