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Class Descriptions


Beginning - Level I
This class will focus on improving communication between dog & handler.  We will start by teaching basic foundation skills such as work on the flat and working up to distance foundation skills.  Class is geared toward dogs at any level of agility training.  Foundation training is a prerequisite for obstacle training class and offers students a basic introduction to agility.  A good place to get your feet wet.  Work is done on lead in this class.
Beginning II
This class offers a basic introduction to all the obstacles involved in the sport of dog agility.  The focus continues on strengthening the team relationship with your dog and building solid obstacle foundation skills.  We will continue to work on foundation skills introduced in Beginning I also offer an introduction of all the various pieces of agility equipment.  Off leash control is not required but is preferred. 
Beginning III
This class will build on the elements offered in Beginning I, with an emphasis on obstacle mastery and continued foundation work.  Some handling (work on the people half of your team) will also be introduced.  This class is meant to serve as a continuing class for the beginning agility team, and will be offered on an ongoing basis throughout the summer.  Off leash control is required.
This class will focus on fine tuning the agility team, with an emphasis on handling.   Teams in this class should be working at the Novice competition level or preparing to compete at that level (competition is not required, this is used only as a measure of competence.)  We will discuss the various venues available for competition and their rules/regulations, as well as the classes they offer.  At least 1 class per month will focus on a different agility game. This is an ongoing class.  Must be working on weaves and off leash control is required.
This class will focus on fine tuning the overall performance of your agility runs with an emphasis on competition.  There will be a focus on speed, efficiency, accuracy and strategy.    Weave poles and off leash control are required.

Private Lessons are available by appointment to address whatever areas you want to work on.
Run Thrus will be offered throughout the summer and are structured in a "Show & Go" format.  When you register you will be assigned a time slot.  You can come anytime during the match to watch but you will take your runs during your time slot with your assigned group.  You do not need to be at the site any earlier than your time slot, and we do our best to make sure you are done with your runs by the end of your time slot. 

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