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Well, my move is complete.  I am now enjoying my first winter in Vermont after having been away for so many years.  Nothing like a stretch of 22+ below zero weather and a couple feet of snow to remind you what Vermont winters can be like!!  The shelties are all doing well and enjoying all the snow.  Have had a couple feet of snow on the ground since December so they are pretty happy.
We have a few new editions to our clan.  In October I was thrilled to fly to Kansas City to pick up a new sheltie puppy from Joan Meyer - Ethan (Triune's Green Mountain Boy) is everything I hoped he be, a great combination of lover boy and maniac!  Everyone seems to have adjusted well to his arrival and he and Kellee and best buds! 
Our second new addition came shortly after Christmas with the adoption of a young tortoise shell kitty from the local shelter.  We picked her because we were told she was dog friendly - the didn't say she thought she was a dog!  She loves the dogs and plays, or should I say wrestles with the dogs.  She is amazing and the shelties really seem to enjoy playing with her.   She came with the name Myrtle but we mostly call her Ethan's kitty :).
I'll be offering new classes here in VT under my new name: Paws 4 Fun Dog Training; starting as soon as the snow melts, sooner if I can find a suitable indoor site.  I have been giving private lessons to a great group in the area, but mostly we're just enjoying the snow.  Although we are anxious for some great spring weather for snowshoeing, great fun for the dogs and with 15 acres to play on we have plenty of space right here at home.
FlyZone Agility is still alive and well in Illinois under Nora Merhar's direction.  She is working on securing dates for a trial later this year - I believe I heard she looking for some nice fall dates. 
My new contact information is listed below in the even anyone needs to reach me, hope all my Illinois friends are having a great winter!
- Kim, Lace, Gemi, Rumor, Kellee, Ethan & Myrtle (aka "Ethan's kitty")

Kimberly Ingraham
Paws 4 Fun Dog Training
415 Vincent Flats Rd.
East Montpelier, VT  05651
802-223-1429 (H)

2003 FlyZone Agility USDAA Trial Wrap Up

Photo by Photos 'N More

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped at our trial.  We couldn't do it without you all and you are appreciated more than you can imagine!  Many of you have supported us since the days of our first sanctioned match - IN THE SNOW!!
In particular, a VERY VERY BIG thank you needs to go to: Bob & Dee Olson, John & Beth Elliott, Pam & Mike Schiazzano, and our trial secretary Nora Merhar for all their hard work and extra effort before, during and after the trial.

Dog Agility Masters Team Tournament Qualifiers
Judge:  Lisa Layton
1st place
Barking Spyders--1172.29

Jeremy Gerhard & Spyder (Aussie)
Kathy Wells & Houston (BC)
Sue Fregien & Brooks (Terv)

2nd place
The O.D.D. Squad -- 1107.54
Kathy Wells & Dory (BC)
Jeremy Gerhard & Dodger(Aussie)
Cynthia Ernat & Ozzie (All-American)
3rd place
The Quick and the Red One -- 1066.63
Anne Johnson & Tripp (BC)
Deb Guzman & Finnegan (BC)
Eric Bobkowski & Sydney (BC)

4th place
A.S.A.P. -- 1038.60
Susan Rolek & Elan (BC)
Anthony Montagano & Zammie (All-American)
Pamela Fish & Thunder (Golden Retriever)
And also qualifying:
The Vice Squad --1031.04
Diane Sanders & Streak (BC)
Deb Guzman & Hope (BC)
Beth Diehl & Token (BC)
Las Casa Nostra -- 1004.91
Brett Duke & Disco (BC)
Sherry Kluever & Ransom (BC)
Terry Smorch & Remy (BC)
The Fast and the Furriest -- 991.10
Teri Pinney & Chilly (Am. Eskimo)
John Elliott & Allie (Belg. Sheepdog)
Deanne Olson & Cody, (Collie [Rough])
No Rules --732.58
Karen Holik & Sizzle (Sheltie)
Eric Bobkowski & Chaser (BC)
Anne Johnson & Parti (BC)
All Jacked Up --228.97
Terry Smorch & Kelli (JRT)
Diane Sanders & Ace (JRT)
Beth Diehl & Hustle (JRT)

As many of you know, the Park District does not allow vendors on its grounds, however there were two photographers at the trial. 
Please visit their websites to see pictures from our trial.  Maybe you'll find that really great shot of your dog flying over a jump you've been looking for!
Skipper Productions

Steeplechase Results
Judge:  Trish Stall
1st - Elizabeth Diehl
            and Kelli (JRT)
1st - Karen Holik
            and Sizzle (Sheltie)
2nd - Diane Sanders
            and Ace (JRT)
3rd - Marietta Huber
            and Squiggles (Beagle)
4th - Teri Pinney
            and Chilly (Am. Eskimo)
1st - Brett Duke
            and Disco (BC)
2nd - Beth Diehl
            and Token (BC)
3rd - Diane Sanders
            and Streak (BC)
4th - Sue Rolek
            and Elan (BC)
5th - Mike Wagner
            and Melody (BC)
6th - Eric Bobkowski
            and Chaser (BC)

1st - Terry Smorch
             and Remy (BC)
2nd - Kathy Wells
             and Houston (BC)
3rd - Sue Fregien
             and Brooks (Terv)
4th - Eric Bobkowski
             and Sydney (BC)


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